Technology Services

Cyber Security

UPCR is a specialized services firm focused on delivering value added services to clients facing critical business risks and opportunities.  With our team of professionals with extensive backgrounds in both Big 4 consulting, software development, data analysis and information systems, our team has provided value added solutions to clients in virtually all industries and of all sizes including Fortune 10 companies.

Data Analysis

UPCR is has expertise in the fields of Quantitative Data Analysis, Data Visualization, and Custom Reporting. UPCR has extensive experience is analyzing and systematically extracting information from data fields that are often too large or complex to be dealt with by traditional data software. We offer customizable solutions for capturing data, data processing, data storage and data analysis.

Application Development

UPCR has 30+ years of experience developing software applications & solutions. We provide flexibility to specifically meet your needs as we integrate our expertise into your team & methodologies or we can provide our own team & methodologies. We specialize in bridging an often-large gap between the business side and technology side to find the solution that works best for our clients.