Our Service Offerings

Consulting Services

Our team of professionals has extensive experience providing consulting services to all business industries. We offer: Operational Review & Liability Risk Assessment, Exposure Analysis & Liability Mitigation, Statistical and Quantitative Analysis, Voluntary Compliance Initiation, Submission and Negotiation, Audit Defense & Management, Policy and Procedure Development & Enhancement, and much more…

Compliance Outsourcing

Our cost-effective compliance outsourcing solution provides you a hassle free and painless approach to unclaimed property compliance. Our flexibility allows us to work with your resources or independently with approved benchmarks. Outsourcing includes Data Analysis, Escheatment Eligibility, Due Diligence Mailings, State Report Generation in the NAUPA file format, and much more…

DMF Matching Service

Insurance companies have statutory requirements to systematically and frequently compare their customer databases to the Death Master File(DMF) from the Social Security Administration. Our solution can perform the matching of hundreds of thousands of records providing both exact and fuzzy matches and additional information to assist our clients to maintain compliance with industry regulations.